This Video Sums Up How Our Behavior on Social Media Is Super Creepy


This new video produced by Relationship Science (a networking tool for business professionals) aims to show Internet users how interactions on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are extra awkward when they occur in the real world.

For example, actress and Internet prankster Jena Kingsley spoofs new Twitter follower notifications by walking up to a random New Yorker and saying, « Ma’am. Hi, I just want to let you know that I’m following you. Just like, [to] give you an alert. You don’t have to do anything. Just know it! And enjoy it! …Just like, do whatever, and I’ll just watch. Is that creepy? »

INTERACTIVE: How Much Time Have You Wasted on Facebook?

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Books worth reading, as recommended by Bill Gates, Susan Cain and more…

Find repose by exciting the mind. Some of the world’s leading thinkers offer the books that inspired them and their work. Skim the list for your favorite speakers, or get nerdy on a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about. Below find 52 books, recommended by TED speakers.


Creative Confidence, by Tom Kelley and David Kelley
Crown Business, 2013
Recommended by: Tim Brown (TED Talk: Designers — think big!)
« ‘Creative confidence’ is the creative mindset that goes along with design thinking’s creative skill set. »
See more of Tim Brown’s favorite books.

Creating Minds, by Howard Gardner
Basic Books, 2011
Recommended by: Roselinde Torres (TED Talk: What it takes to be a great leader)
« Gardner’s book was first published more than twenty years ago, but its insights into the creative process — told through the stories of seven remarkable individuals from different fields —…

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At Microsoft meeting, shareholders take on diversity, CEO’s pay


Microsoft investors will convene Wednesday for the company’s annual meeting of shareholders, and on the agenda is diversity within the software maker, as well as pay approval for CEO Satya Nadella.

The meeting will be the first for Nadella, who took the reins at Microsoft nine months ago. He will be persuading shareholders that his vision — to make Microsoft [fortune-stock symbol= »MSFT »] the « productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world » — is the right one.

Nadella’s pay package, which will be up for approval by shareholders, includes about $65 million in restricted stock on top of his annual salary. His total pay package is valued at approximately $90.8 million for the year ended June 30.

While his pay is likely to be unchanged, it has faced challenges from Institutional Shareholder Services, a firm that advices shareholders on proxy votes. The group said the « mega » stock grant is excessive…

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كونوا فى الحياة كالنسور

blog djedidi amine

فلسفه النسور فى الحياة

النسور كانت و مازالت رمزاً للأبطال و المنتصرين و الأحرار
تطير النسور عادة لوحدها ، و على ارتفاعات عالية للغاية ،و لا تختلط مع الطيور الأخرى كالغربان و العصافير ، لا طير آخر يحلق كما النسر
النسور تحلق فقط مع النسور لا غير

(انتق من يصاحبك في حياتك ابتعد عن البشر ذوي النفوس المشابهة للغربان و الضعاف كالعصافير !!)

لدى النسر رؤية ثاقبة و نظر قوي ،
يستطيع التركيز على فريسته من علو خمسة كيلومترات ، يركز بصره على الفريسة و لا يدعها تغيب عن ناظريه حتى يمسك بها

( ليكن لديك رؤية محددة لحياتك القادمة
ركز عليها ، لا تتنازل عنها حينما تصادفك عقبات بل امض بكل تركيز نحوها )

النسور لا تأكل الأشياء الميتة ،بل تصيد و تتغذى على الفرائس الجديدة …العقبان ،الغربان تأكل الحيوانات الميتة ! مطلقاً لا تشابه مع النسور

( كن جديداً ، تجنب تكرار ما فعله غيرك و أبدع جديدا…

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Programming an Arduino over WiFi with the ESP8266


A lot of people have used ESP8266 to add inexpensive WiFi connectivity to their projects, but [Oscar] decided to take it one step further and program an Arduino over WiFi with the ESP8266. [Oscar] wrote a server script in Python that communicates with firmware running on the Arduino. The Arduino connects to the server on startup and listens for a « reboot » command.

When the command is received, the processor resets and enters the bootloader. The python script begins streaming a hex file over WiFi to the ESP8226, which relays it to the Arduino’s bootloader. Once the hex file is streamed, the microcontroller seamlessly starts executing the firmware. This method can be used with any AVR running a stk500-compatible bootloader.

[Oscar]’s writeup is in Spanish, but fortunately the comments in his Python and Arduino code are in English. Check out the video (in English) after the break where [Oscar] demonstrates…

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